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Swing Set 101 Why A Showroom Is Your Best Bet

September 27, 2019

Families nowadays are busy. Jobs are very demanding, not to mention the kids, the house, and the pets! Who has time to go out and shop? It’s easier to just check online at lunch break or at night when the kids are sleeping; right? At Swingset Toy & Warehouse, we get it. But just because it sounds convenient and fits... View Article

Purchasing a Swing Set Online versus Assembling One Brick and Mortar

September 27, 2019

Dear Parents, So you’ve made the decision to purchase a swing set online. Your kids are excited, and frankly, you are too. But wait! Before jumping into your purchase, please ask yourself the following questions: What type of wood is the swing set made of, and can I determine its quality just from a picture? Always do a bit of... View Article

From Ancient Greece to Suburban NJ: Swing Sets Throughout History

Wooden Swing Set
August 30, 2018

The next time you see your kids enjoying themselves on the wooden swing set or sliding board at your local playground, think of Charles Wicksteed. Wicksteed was a British engineer whose company built the first commercial playground in 1921, fashioning swings from the pipes in his factory. In 2013, a couple in the UK found one of those swing sets... View Article

Three More Exercises You Can Do on a Trampoline

August 30, 2018

If you have a trampoline in your backyard, you have a great tool for burning calories. 160 calories, to be exact. That’s how much you’ll burn by spending 30-minutes on your trampolines, NJ exercise enthusiasts. “You’ll get an amazing workout and it’s so much fun,” fitness consultant and trainer Basheerah Ahmad tells WebMD.