Founded in 1991, Goalrilla is dedicated to helping bring out the best in every player. Their belief is that athletes who stop at nothing deserve an unstoppable basketball hoop. We carry a number of Goalrilla’s basketball systems, designed for players of all ages.

Because in-ground basketball hoops use higher quality materials, our basketball goals can last up to 15 years. Goalrilla’s premium basketball hoops mirrors that of pro-level goals and perform as those used in the NCAA college basketball and NBA games. Most in-ground basketball goals feature tempered glass backboards for the most authentic rebound available paired with a powder-coated steel pole. The basketball pole is installed into concrete to stabilize the entire unit. Because of this concrete installation, the hoop becomes much more stable and the risk of tipping over is eliminated, especially during a dunk. In-ground hoops also take up less space than a portable’s molded base.

In-ground basketball goals add to the value and curb appeal of your home. Many customers think of it as an investment in their home. Many of our in-ground basketball hoops also offer the ability to take it with you when you move homes. When the in-ground hoops are installed with anchor kit, you have the option to unbolt the hoop and relocate it. When you arrive at your new house, you simply need to buy and install another anchor kit to bolt your hoop to.

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    Goalrilla CV54 Unit

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    Goalrilla CV60 Unit

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    Goalrilla CV72 Unit

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    Goalrilla CV72s Unit

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    Goalrilla GS54c Unit

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  • Goalrilla Yard Guard

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  • Goalrilla LED Lights

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    Goalrilla GS60C Unit

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    Goalrilla GS72C Unit

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    Goalrilla DC72E1

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