Goalsetter basketball hoops are competition-grade systems that can grow with your family. Players of all shapes, ages, and sizes can adjust the rim height with the help of Goalsetter’s patented internal Compression Height Adjustment Mechanism.


The most durable adjustable basketball hoops for the outdoors, with competition-grade performance define Goalsetter Basketball.
Learn more about our three Goalsetter basketball hoop series – each will exceed your expectations regarding performance and durability.

The Signature Series features basketball goals with an offset pole design and an internal compression height adjustment mechanism to raise and lower your basketball rim from 6’ to 10’. The Signature Series is the safest of any outdoor basketball goal system.

**The Extreme Series **features basketball hoops with a straight pole system and external tension height adjustment making it the most adjustable of any straight pole on the market from 6’ 8” to 10’.

**The Elite Plus Series **is a straight pole system offering a rugged basketball hoop at an economical price point from 7’ to 10’.

Regardless of the series and board size you select, you get consistent ball response from a rugged H-Frame backboard, a heavy gauge one-piece pole, and the best corrosion-resistant finish in the market. It’s all supported by our patented Ground-Hinge Anchor System – a rock solid foundation for your basketball hoop.
Made in USA

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