Upgrading Your Playground Without Spending a Fortune

Upgrading Your Playground July 13, 2022 12:00 pm

At Swingset Warehouse, we don’t just focus on selling swingsets. We also help our customers get the most out of their current playgrounds. If you have had your current playground setup for several years, it may need a little extra maintenance to keep up with playground trends or just to keep it safe. We have compiled a list of tips that you may want to consider if you were planning on upgrading your playground this year.

Fix Any Broken Parts– The most essential part of playground maintenance is making sure that everything is in working order. A broken playground can be dangerous for your kids. So, spend some time inspecting your playground. Replace any wood that is rotten, broken, or seems unstable. Check metal connections for rust and replace if necessary. Replace any worn or broken plastic or vinyl parts.

Check the Finish– Depending on the type of playground you have; it may need regular upkeep on the surface. Wooden playgrounds need to be stained every year. We recommend using a good quality oil based stain. They may also need sanding of any rough surfaces. Plan to spend a few days getting the surfaces perfect. While vinyl swingsets should not need painting.

Make Your Yard Look Great– You do not have to choose between having a great playground and having a beautiful yard. Consider adding a bench near the playground, so you can sit nearby while you watch the kids play. Plant flowers around the flowerbed to spruce up its look. Just avoid putting in plants that attract pollinators to reduce the likelihood of someone being stung. Consider adding shade trees to keep the playground cooler.

Look Down– What is your playground’s surface? Many older playgrounds have a wood-chip surface. Wood chips were once the top choice for playground surfaces. However, they are not ideal. They attract pests, they are uncomfortable, and they can be difficult for children with mobility challenges. Consider replacing the surface with turf or rubber mulch.

Be Inclusive– Even if none of your children have physical challenges, there is a chance that they will have friends with physical challenges, sensory issues, or temporary injuries. While you are upgrading your equipment, try to keep accessibility in mind. Adding toys at multiple levels or a more inclusive swing could expand your playground possibilities.

One of the best things about a backyard playground is that it is a long-term investment that can grow with your family. Keeping up with maintenance and current playground trends helps your playground grow with your family.

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