Maintenance & Warranty

Swingset Maintenance

Wooden swing sets need to be maintained yearly and throughout the time you have the play set in your yard. You should always be familiar with the equipment your children are playing on. Just like anything else they play with. Know when something is loose it needs to be tightened or if something breaks it needs to be checked.

Here are some easy tips to keeping you play set safe and looking great for the years to come:

  • Check the hardware for tightening (be careful not to over tighten)
  • Sand down parts that begin to splinter
  • Protect the wood with a water sealant yearly
  • Freshen up the look of the set with stain
  • Replace any deteriorating wood parts
  • Make sure the play set is level.

If you are not able to maintain the play set by yourself; you can call us to set up a maintenance service!

Our maintenance package includes:

  • Hardware Tightening
  • Oil Swing Hangers
  • Spot sanding
  • Fill in carpenter bee holes
  • Brush on a colored water sealant

Trampoline Maintenance

Each manufacturer is different please refer to your owner’s manual or the manufacturer’s web site for specific maintenance suggestions. For our spring trampolines we do offer a Safety Trampoline Check where we can come out and do an inspection of your trampoline and let you know what you need to order. We offer this on the manufacturers that we carry only.

Swingset, Trampoline and Basketball Moves

Moving? We have got you covered. We offer equipment moves for all manufacturers we carry. Call us today for a quote. Our moves include a take down, move to the new home and re-install at the new house. If replacement parts or new anchors are needed this is additional.

Reposition within the Yard

Getting a pool or rearranging your outdoor space? Need you play equipment moved around? We offer this service as well. Give us a call for a quote right over the phone today. This service is offered for manufacturer’s that we currently sell.

Warranty Information

All manufacturer’s warranties can be found on the manufacturer’s web site or in the owner’s manual given to you by your installer. Please be advised that shipping and labor cost for equipment warranties are never covered by the manufacturer or the retail store. Swingset & Toy Warehouse however does offer a 30 Day Labor warranty to all our customers when you purchase installation. Call today with any warranty questions you may have on your current equipment or even equipment you are in the process of ordering.