Space Saver Swing Sets

Your kids want a swing set, but you look at your backyard and think “We just don’t have the room.” That’s where a space saver swing set can save the day.

These free-standing units are perfect for people with smaller yards – such as townhome spaces – or anyone who wants to give their children a place to play without sacrificing too much space in the yard.

Our space saver swing set line includes sets made of durable cedar and redwood. They’re simple and attractive and perfect for smaller backyards.

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    3 position Monkey Bar Climber Free Standing

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    Free standing 3 Position Vinyl Swingset

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    Free standing 4 Pos Vinyl Swingset

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    Eastern Jungle Gym Classic

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    Stand Alone Backyard Fun Factory Set

    $3,838.10 $2,302.86 View Details