Picking the Right Basketball Hoop

picking the right basketball hoop April 13, 2022 12:00 pm

Trying to decide which basketball hoop to buy? If you or your kids are just getting into basketball or are not serious about the game, you want to find a hoop that fits your budget and offers you the most flexibility. You can get an affordable adjustable portable basketball goal at most big box retailers in the $100 to $200 price range. However, if you are looking for an in-ground basketball goal system that can last for decades in both residential and commercial environments, then you should be looking at Goalrilla and Goalsetter. Those two manufacturers are the industry leaders when it comes to high-quality basketball equipment.

So, how do you know which one is right for you? It depends on your needs. We will break down some of the best features that are exclusive to each system. That may help you decide which one will work best for you when picking the right basketball hoop for your home!


We like Goalrilla for outdoor settings, because it has a Dupont Powder Coated Surface. Powder coating makes it more resistance to moisture, weather, sunlight, chemicals, and even impacts. That means fewer maintenance requirements. We also like how they mount their rim. Instead of being mounted to the glass, it is mounted to the steel frame. There is a cutout in the glass, which means it is not between the mount and the rim. This reduces the likelihood that the glass will break if play gets aggressive. Goalrilla uses a worm-screw actuator instead of a gear adjustment system, which is more durable and last longer. Goalrilla’s independent anchor system has 4 L-shaped zinc coated bolts, rated to withstand up to 8,000 lb of pressure each. In addition, the anchor is seated below the frost line, which means it should stay seated, even during a freeze. The support arms are mitered and welded, not just bent. That means they are less likely to bend. All of the backboards are double-framed. You can also choose backboards are clear viewed, which means that you cannot see the steel backboard support behind the clear pane.


Goalsetter is the choice for people who want a truly adjustable frame. It grows with your family. You can set it as low as 6’ and it goes all the way up to 10’. While it is adjustable, you can make it stationary so that people cannot adjust it on a playground. It is a great choice if you want a piece of equipment that can last your kids’ whole childhood. It is easy to install, with a 42” anchor system. It has a hinged design, which means it is easy to assemble and then stand it up. The post is 7-gauge steel, which makes it perfect for commercial applications. You can get backboards in glass or acrylic, which is much less likely to break than tempered glass. While it is not powder coated, it does have three coats of paint, which make it durable even in outdoor settings. Finally, Goalsetter is made in the USA.

Just remember when you are picking the right basketball hoop for your home, you can trust the crew here at Swingset Warehouse!

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