February 9, 2022 1:00 pm

Whether you have young kids learning to play the game, want a way to bond with your teenagers, or are an adult looking for a great way to stay in shape, basketball is a great sport. Goalsetter basketball hoops help you set up a basketball court at home that lasts for decades of fun. That is because Goalsetter’s in-ground basketball system is adjustable. You can move the hoop height from six to ten feet. That makes it a perfect learning system for new players, as well as a great practice hoop for even highly competitive athletes.

Why is basketball such a great sport? It is easy-to-learn, but hard to master. That makes it a great lifelong sport option.


Basketball is one of those rare sports that challenges all players to cardio activity during almost all playing time. A dynamic game, you move around the court. That is true whether you are playing full-court basketball as part of a competitive team or some one-on-one in your driveway. Even practicing shooting hoops means running for the ball and moving around the court.

Core Strength

Another great thing about basketball is that it provides a whole upper body workout. Direction changes, shooting, dribbling, and twisting all mean your exercise your core. Plus, since personal fitness levels allow you to adjust the intensity of the workout over time, you can build up strength.

Improve Coordination

We often think about the direct physical benefits of regular exercise. However, other benefits are equally important. Playing basketball helps develop and hone foot-and-eye and hand-and-eye coordination.

Foster Cooperation

While basketball is a competitive sport, it is also a cooperative one. No matter how great the player, a basketball player always performs better as part of a team. It can be a fun and natural way to foster a cooperative spirit as well as a competitive one!

All Ages and Abilities

Another fabulous thing about basketball is that almost anyone can play it. That makes it a great family bonding sport. Families that play together, stay together. What that means changes over time. For young kids, it may mean spending time teaching them how to make a basket or showing them how to dribble. For older family members, it may mean playing a game like HORSE, which is not as physically demanding. For such a simple game, basketball allows you plenty of versatility.

Ready to add this easy sport to your home? Contact Swingset Warehouse and ask about the Goalsetter in-ground basketball hoop. With a little maintenance, it can provide your family with decades of outdoor fun.

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