What is a Unique Gift Idea?

basketball hoop outside as a unique gift idea for kids December 7, 2022 12:00 pm

With the holidays fast approaching, maybe you are trying to think outside the box for a unique gift idea for your kids. Maybe you are the type of parent to value going outside and getting some excellent physical activity in. Maybe you enjoy the peace of mind that the kids are out of the house, but not too far away in an unsafe location. Perhaps, even, you just want to give them the greatness of a sport that has been played in front yards and driveways for decades in America. Now, you have wandered directly into your perfect unique gift idea – a new basketball hoop!


Goalsetter basketball hoops are better for those who prefer to have flexibility with adjusting their frame. With a Goalsetter basketball hoop, it can be set as low as 6’ and as high as 10’. While it is slightly more suited for commercial applications due to its steel post, its adjustability makes it great for household use. The greatness of Goalsetters comes from the fact that you will not need to buy a new basketball hoop as your kids grow and will need taller hoops later in life. Goalsetters are also wonderfully easy to install, as their installation system uses 42” anchors and hinges designed to make assembly easy. While Goalsetters are not powder coated, like Goalrillas are, they do have three coats of paint, which is still great for outdoor use.


Goalrilla basketball hoops are great for outdoor settings due to the Dupont Powder Coated Surface, which provides extra protection. The coating makes the basketball hoop resistant to weather, chemicals, sunlight, moisture, and even impacts. All of this protection makes maintenance far easier. Additionally, a great aspect of Goalrilla basketball hoops is how they mount their rims. Instead of it being slightly unsafe to mount to the glass, the rims are mounted to the steel frame of the basketball hoop, reducing the likelihood of breaking the glass. Additionally, Goalrillas use L-shaped zinc-coated bolts which are rated to deal with up to 8,000 pounds of pressure each, further defending itself against aggressive play and accidental failure. Goalrillas are also resistant to freezes! This is because the anchor for Goalrillas is seated below the frost line.

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