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Installing Your Backyard Playground

Installing Your Backyard Playground
June 15, 2022

At Swingset Warehouse, we offer playground installation services. We have put together the basic steps for anyone to follow to make sure that installing your backyard playground in a breeze, but you can always ask us specific questions about your yard. First, you want to pick the right location for your swingset. Swingsets need to be located on flat ground... View Article

Are Swingsets Worth the Investment?

Are Swingsets Worth the Investment?
May 11, 2022

One of the main questions that potential customers ask us is if swingsets are worth the investment. Usually when this happens, one parent wants the swingset, while the other parent is worried that it is too expensive. After all, with public parks and school playgrounds available, how important is it to have a playground for your kids at home? We... View Article

Picking the Right Basketball Hoop

picking the right basketball hoop
April 13, 2022

Trying to decide which basketball hoop to buy? If you or your kids are just getting into basketball or are not serious about the game, you want to find a hoop that fits your budget and offers you the most flexibility. You can get an affordable adjustable portable basketball goal at most big box retailers in the $100 to $200... View Article

What Is the Best Time of Year to Buy a Swing Set?

Best Time of Year to Buy a Swing Set
March 16, 2022

One of the top questions we get from people is what is the best time of year to buy a swing set? We wish we could give you a one-size fits all answer. However, the reality is that the right time of year depends on your family and its needs. Fall Many people consider the fall the best time for... View Article


February 9, 2022

Whether you have young kids learning to play the game, want a way to bond with your teenagers, or are an adult looking for a great way to stay in shape, basketball is a great sport. Goalsetter basketball hoops help you set up a basketball court at home that lasts for decades of fun. That is because Goalsetter’s in-ground basketball... View Article

Rubber Mulch

Rubber Mulch Playset
January 10, 2022

Did Santa bring your kids a playset for Christmas?  Is sprucing up a play space part of your New Year’s to-do list?  Then, you want to look at rubber mulch.   At-home Playsets Many at-home playsets are placed directly onto grass.  It is free, usually the surface that is already in the yard when you build the playset, and many homeowners... View Article

How Can Residents Benefit from Shed Installation in New Jersey

Shed Installation
March 7, 2021

How Can Residents Benefit from Shed Installation in New Jersey Outdoor storage sheds in New Jersey offer homeowners additional space to store lawn equipment and much more. Anyone who’s on the fence about shed installation in NJ needs to keep reading to learn more about the benefits of this affordable outdoor storage option. Protect Belongings Well-built, quality sheds protect belongings... View Article

Trampolines for Sale: Finding a Good One for Your Kids in New Jersey

Trampolines for Sale
March 1, 2021

Trampolines for Sale: Finding a Good One for Your Kids in New Jersey Kids have boundless energy. Even in New Jersey where you think they would be able to find enough activities to burn off all that energy, they can’t and don’t. That’s where you as a parent come in. You can search from many trampolines for sale in New... View Article

Custom Swingsets in Freehold

February 25, 2020

Why Choose Swingset Warehouse in Freehold NJ? Looking to transform your backyard into a playland? Well, we’ve got some good news for you! Swingset and Toy Warehouse in Freehold has everything that you could ever possibly need! We offer a full selection of swing sets, basketball equipment, trampolines, and storage sheds to help you create the play space of your... View Article

Custom Swingsets in Upper Saddle River

February 25, 2020

Why Choose Swingset Warehouse in Upper Saddle River? Searching for the best outdoor play equipment in the Upper Saddle River area? Swingset and Toy Warehouse is calling your name! We offer a fabulous selection of swing sets, trampolines, basketball equipment, outdoor sheds, and playground accessories. The most important thing to consider when planning your play space is where it will... View Article