Things to Keep in Mind When Buying a Swingset Online

Things to Keep in Mind When Buying a Swingset Online July 19, 2023 12:00 pm

Are you looking to purchase a swing set online? Do not make the mistake of an impulse purchase. You might end up with a swing set that is too big for your yard or not the right size for your kids. However, if you follow some basic tips for buying a swingset online, you can get the perfect one for you. Plus, if you purchase from a store dedicated to swingsets and play equipment, you know you are going to get great customer service.

First, think about your family’s requirements. How old are your children? What type of activities do they enjoy? Big swing sets have a drama factor and last throughout childhood. However, they can be too big for small children to use without some modifications. On the other hand, your kids may outgrow smaller swing sets. You need to think about the ages and capabilities of your children.

Next, check your available yard space. This does not mean just looking at the square footage of your yard. Your swingset needs to do more than just fit in the yard. You need to make sure you have a location where you have at least six feet of clearance on all sides of the playset. So, measure your available space to see. Keep in mind that some swing sets can be configured multiple ways. You can always call us to see if the swingset can be configured in a different way to meet your available space.

Next, you need to check your yard slope. While you do not need a perfectly flat yard to install a swing set, you cannot have too much of a slope. There should not be more than four to six inches of variance from left to right or from front to back. If there is, you will need to get the area graded to correct the slope before you install the swingset. A landscape professional or a professional swing set installer can handle this process. If you do have a bigger slope, a swingset installer may still be able to install your swing set. However, you can expect to pay a larger fee, sometimes a much larger fee, because they will need to purchase items to properly grade the yard.

Finally, decide whether you are installing it yourself or hiring a professional. If you are installing it yourself, make sure you have the skills and time to install it properly. While swing set installation is not complicated, it can be tedious. Skipping steps can lead to an unstable and dangerous structure. If you decide to hire a professional, have them come to look at your yard and the swingset you want to select. A professional should be able to tell you whether there are any issues with the combination.

Finally, look at the total delivery cost when buying a swing set online. Many of us search for the lowest price. Why would you want to pay more for the same item? However, large freight shipping on swingsets can easily cost hundreds of dollars. Make sure you compare the total price, including shipping, instead of just the sales price. Some dealers list lower prices and make it up in their shipping and handling charges.

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