Swingsets vs Trampolines

a swingset and trampoline next to each other in the backyard grass February 15, 2023 12:00 pm

You remember what it was like to be a kid. Swingsets were fun and very engaging and were almost in everyone’s backyard, including yours. They were familiar enough to not be that boring, but everyone’s swingset was unique enough to provide something different.

But then there was always the one friend who had a trampoline in their backyard. That was different, unique, and fun! They became the go-to request for all the kids. And the only reason you never got to have one is because Mom always said it was too dangerous.

So, who wins in swingsets vs. trampolines?


Swingsets are great for outdoor play! The average swingset is more than just what it sounds like – a set of swings. They often have slides, rock climbing walls, monkey bars, ropes, and more!

The modern swingset is more than just about having fun, too, they help promote teamwork, creativity, and health for your children. And even better than that, swingsets are on the safer side for outdoor activities.

Price-wise, swingsets are about the same as a trampoline. They can also come with varying accessories, gadgets, and materials, so they’re highly customizable!

One being more fun than the other is subjective, but with the customization options and varying ways to engage with the average swingset, swingsets are great investments!


There is something about trampolines that is inherently fun. The oldest, simplest model of trampoline is one large jumping pad tied together to metal rods. They also used to be notorious among parents for being dangerous. But they have gotten much safer over the years!

Trampolines are a fantastic way for children and adults alike to have fun and exercise. Jumping on a trampoline is a deceptively great workout, and a great way to spend time outside on a wonderful day!

In terms of pricing, trampolines are generally about the same price as a new swingset. And while they’re not customizable to the same extent as swingsets, they have plenty of accessories and customization options themselves!

Trampolines were once notorious among suburban parents for injuries, but with the addition of safety nets, which all our models have, they have never been safer! The chance of falling from a high height might actually be higher with a swingset now than with a trampoline.

Who Wins in Swingsets Vs Trampolines?

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