Prepping Swingsets for the Summer

Prepping Swingsets for the Summer August 16, 2023 12:00 pm

Summer is in full swing, so you want your kids to play outside on their swing sets. That is a great idea. At Swingset Warehouse, we are firm believers in the idea that kids need more swing time and less screen time! However, it is essential that you make sure your swingset is in a safe condition. Ideally, you do this at the start of every outdoor season. However, it is never too late to check on your swingset’s condition.

Even if you end the fall with a swingset in great shape, it can get plenty of damage over the winter and early spring. Cold temperatures, extremes, snow, rain, and storms can significantly damage. The extreme heat that we are feeling in much of the United States can also impact the swingset, causing swelling and more.

Fortunately, there are some easy steps you can take to make sure your swing set is safe.

  • Clean

  • Check metal parts

  • Check plastic parts

  • Sand and seal

  • Check the ground cushion

  • Remeasure clearances

Start by thoroughly cleaning the swingset. Animals can nest in hidden crevices. Plus, dirt is not necessarily harmful to the set but can hide imperfections. So, get it clean. For most swingsets, this is as easy as power washing them.

Next, check the metal parts. You are looking for signs of rust. Rust is unsightly, but, more importantly, it is a sign that the metal is rusted. That can mean weakness. Remove rust, and if the structural integrity is lessened, replace them. You can seal or paint the metal to reduce the likelihood of additional rust.

Metal is not the only material that corrodes. Check plastic parts for thinning and cracking. This means swings, rock handles, handlebars, discs, and other toys. Suppose the plastic parts are worn, repaired, or replaced. Ideally, you want to replace them all. However, if replacement is out of your budget, do not underestimate the value of duct tape!

If you have a wooden swing set, you must see if it needs sanding and sealing. If so, you want to do that not just to preserve the swingset but also to prevent splinters.

Do not forget to check the ground underneath the swing set. If placed in the grass, fit any objects that could harm people. If you have a rubber playground or similar substance underneath, ensure it is in good condition and add additional cushioning.b

Finally, remeasure the clearances. Your plants may have grown over the past year, so ensure you have enough clearance around your swing sets this summer. If not, cut back the plants and trees around the swingset and move anything that is crowding the swingset.

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