Is My Yard Able to Accommodate a Play Set from Swingset Warehouse?

Yard Able to Accommodate a Play Set August 17, 2022 12:00 pm

Have you been thinking about getting a play set? They are a great investment for your yard. Swingsets can give your kids years of healthy outdoor play and make the most of your yard. However, not all yards are right for play sets. At Swingset Warehouse, we are committed to safety. Safe installation of a play set means looking at all of the factors that can impact the safe enjoyment of the playset. Here are some things to keep in mind when determining whether your yard is able to accommodate a play set.

The first question is space. While play sets come in various sizes, you want to make sure you have at least 6 feet of clearance all around the playset. This does not just mean walls, but also fences and trees. The six-foot clearance rule is especially important for swings and other moving areas. For other areas, you want at least four feet of clearance on each side.

The next question is slope. You want to install the play set on a level surface. You can still get a play set if you do not have a level surface. We can level slopes up to twelve inches, though that depends on what type of playset you are installing and may incur an extra fee. In some instances, you may need to have the slope professionally graded and leveled prior to installation.

Think about what is underground. You may have wires, pipes, and sprinkler systems underground. Generally, you want to avoid installation over them. Sometimes that is unavoidable, but you want to have them marked prior to installation.

Think about sun exposure. The sun can make play sets difficult to enjoy. If you have natural shade in your yard, putting the play set in the shade can make it safer for kids. If you do not have natural shade available, you may want to consider installing shade sails or other shade methods to make the surfaces safer to touch.

Consider location when asking yourself if your yard is able to accommodate a play set. You want your play set to be away from streets or other hazards. Ideally, you also want it visible from the house, so you can supervise your children even when you are not outside.

Need to find out more? We are happy to help evaluate your site. We can help you determine whether your yard is suitable for a play set, and also help you determine which sets are right for your yard.

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