How to Ensure the Outdoor Shed I Want Is the Perfect Size

How to Ensure the Outdoor Shed I Want Is the Perfect Size November 16, 2022 4:45 pm

What is the perfect size for your outdoor shed? It depends on several different things. You need to keep them all in mind when picking out your shed.

First things first, how big is your available space? No matter how you answer the other questions, you are going to be limited by the size of your available space. So, you need to measure it and keep that in mind when looking at other parts of your shed. Keep in mind that your available space is not just how much space you actually have. You also need to consider access to the building, easements, and how far away you need to be from fences, trees, or other things.

How are you going to use the shed? Sheds have traditionally been for storage. However, you can use sheds to do so much more. You have trendy man caves and she sheds. People use sheds as outdoor party spaces, pool houses, or even guest rooms. You may want it for a workroom. Keep your purpose in mind when thinking about shed size. That can make a difference in the square footage but also in the height. If you are going to use the shed for storage, head clearance is not as important as if you are using it for an additional living space.

If you are using your outdoor shed for storage, you want to think about what you will be storing in it. Will you be using it for large items? If you are using it for small items, how will you store them? People tend to forget how quickly small items, especially seasonal decorations, can eat up storage space. Plus, you probably want to have additional space. Most people accumulate things over time, so if you get a shed that is just big enough right now, it will probably be too small in just a few years.

Finally, you need to think about community rules. Do you have an HOA or municipal rules that govern how big sheds can be? Do you need to get permission for those structures? Knowing those rules can help you guide your selection.

If you keep those guidelines in mind, you can find a shed that is just right for you. At Swingset Warehouse, we not only offer a great selection of sheds, but can also offer expert assistance for you to get the right one.

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