Building a Swingset vs. Buying One

Building a Swingset vs. Buying One June 14, 2023 12:00 pm

Swingsets are an unmatched way for children growing up to have some safe and supervised fun. Swingsets are like the multi-tool of fun; they provide slides, ladders, swings, stairs, faux tree houses, monkey bars, running around, and lots more you can imagine! Sometimes, they aren’t the most inexpensive item around. So that begs the question – which is the better option, building a swingset or buying one?

The Pros of Building a Swingset

Building a swingset does bring with it a lot of benefits. The clearest example is saving money. By paying for the raw materials yourself and using your sweat equity to save even more money on labor, you could build yourself a swingset as fast as you can. You will also gain absolute power over the customization of the project and it might even be something you end up working on with your kids, granting both you and them a core memory to cherish forever.

The Pros of Buying a Swingset

That being said, there are plenty of pros to buying a swingset other than not having to build the project yourself. When you buy a swingset you can guarantee safety, something that can’t quite be guaranteed with even the best custom work. There might even be safety features that you may miss upon building your own, too, by simply using material like wood over a material like vinyl.

While building a swingset gives you infinite possibilities, there are already a lot of very accessible and exciting accessories pre-built and ready to attach. A swingset you built yourself will also likely be smaller, since you don’t have a huge team to build and evaluate the safety of your swingset.

Perhaps the last most important aspect of buying a swingset over building one is the time investment. We all know most of us are pretty busy, even on weekends when we are supposed to be less busy. As you may have guessed, building a swingset takes a ton of time. Even for a small set. If you think it won’t take that long, think about how long it might take, then double that time by two. That will likely give you how long it would take to build a relatively small swingset after potentially months.

But if you want to avoid that and buy a great swingset sooner than later, please reach out to us at 732-294-7700 in Freehold, NJ!

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