Vinyl Swingsets

What do we have in our Swing Set Warehouse?

Children Playing On Vinyl Swingset

We have the best swing sets in NJ at our warehouse. In addition, we offer Vinyl Swing Set installation and maintenance services to all our customers in New Jersey. Besides, most of our swing sets in NJ offer a warranty.

We Offer Vinyl Playgrounds Services Too

Yes, we offer these services to our customers in New Jersey:

  1. Warranty Claim Assistance.

  2. Rubber Mulch Installation.

  3. Playset installation.

  4. Moving Assistance.

  5. Maintenance.

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Our vinyl swing sets last for years. We offer more than sets to all our customers. This means you will save money on shopping with us. We have various products such as swing sets like vinyl swing sets, trampolines, basketball systems, sheds, accessories, and more outdoor products at affordable prices.


How long do vinyl swing sets last?

Vinyl swing sets are more durable since they can last for over 20 years. You need to ensure that they are well-maintained by you and whoever will be using them. Proper usage and regular checks by professionals can help increase their lifespan.

Are vinyl swing sets worth it?

Vinyl playgrounds products are worth the extra money. They are easy to assemble, maintain, and offer more features than their wooden counterparts. Vinyl swing sets can last longer than wood and hold their value longer.

Why Customers Love Swingset & Toy Warehouse

Installation was fast. Perfect swing set for my one year old to grow with. He loves the swings right now and will love the rock wall once he starts running around

-Kate C.
| Customer Since August 27, 2018

The swingset we designed came out perfect, the pricing was the best around and the guys who installed the swingset were ultimate professionals. All around a great experience and I would recommend them to friends and family.

-Susie S.
| Customer Since

I came here a few weeks ago with my family to purchase our first swing set and was very pleased with my experience! Having never purchased a swing set before, I was overwhelmed with the amount and variety of options on display. Luckily, the sales associate, Peter, was extremely informative and helpful. We had so many questions that he patiently answered for us, reassuring my family and I that we were making the right decision! We ended up choosing an awesome swing set for a really great price. The employees who came out to install our swing set showed up on-time and even took time to talk more with us about the swing set, in case we had any questions. We were so pleased with the quality and could not have gone to a better place. Our children can’t wait for the rain to stop just so they can go out and play on it all day. Thank you so much to Peter and the rest of his employees!!

-Mike F.
| Customer Since

We had a great experience purchasing our swingset. Peter was able to answer all of our questions and gave us a great deal. He even came to our home to pick the best location for the set. He was able to get us the best product for our needs. We would highly recommend going to see Peter. Thanks a lot!

-Kurt M.
| Customer Since