Swing Set 101 Why A Showroom Is Your Best Bet

September 27, 2019 1:21 pm

Families nowadays are busy. Jobs are very demanding, not to mention the kids, the house, and the pets! Who has time to go out and shop? It’s easier to just check online at lunch break or at night when the kids are sleeping; right?

At Swingset Toy & Warehouse, we get it. But just because it sounds convenient and fits into your crazy schedule doesn’t make it right! A play set is a very important purchase. You are going to be investing a lot of money in this purchase and you should know exactly what you’re getting. You should also have a company that is willing to help you make the right decision; not just deliver what you (thought you) wanted from some web site. At Swingset & Toy Warehouse, we take great pride in our experienced sales staff and our 35+ years of experience in the play set industry. You can’t get any of that online!

Online Purchasing: Everything looks perfect

With the right angle, a good camera, and the perfect lighting, even an amateur can make a basic product appear bigger and better! Unfortunately, this can be a major problem with online purchases; especially with play sets. Customers often find that they are disappointed after their order arrives, as their big spend is not quite what they were hoping for.

No matter what you are buying, when you shop online, there is no telling what you might get. Perhaps your playset will be a different color than you imagined, or much smaller than it appeared in the photos. Even when dimensions are provided, customers are often taken aback by how short many units are once they’ve been fully assembled.

The Value of Value: No tricks at Swingset & Toy Warehouse

At Swingset Toy & Warehouse, what you see is what you get. No disappointments, no surprises. We don’t need to spice our sets up with special photo feature fixes. Best yet, our variety of wood stains to choose from means your swing set will have its own unique look – we can even customize it for your kids!

Bottom line, purchasing your swing set from a showroom means you know what you’re getting. From manufacturer to model, the choice is yours! Unlike online sales, you’ll find that purchase is much less stressful once you’re actually in front of the product and can visualize how it will look in your backyard.

Finding The Time: Showroom hours that fit your schedule

Swingset Toy & Warehouse is open 7 days a week in season! A swing set is a family investment, and we’re sure you can find a day in your busy schedule for the whole family to come shop for the perfect play set. Our showrooms have a large selection of play sets to test out, letting you see what everyone likes and dislikes. Often, parents are surprised by what their kids actually find fun as opposed to what they assume they’ll enjoy. Not only will everyone have a great time and be glad they came, but you’ll have much more confidence in your final decision of a play set.

Tips for the perfect visit:

  • Bring the whole family. Your time is precious and the last thing you want is to have to return because Susie was at soccer practice.
  • Bring the dimensions of your space. If possible, bring a photo of the space too to make sure everything matches and flows with the outside environment.
  • .Don’t rush your visit. Keep your schedule as open as possible, letting the whole family have fun and enjoy the experience of purchasing your new swing set together!

In-Person Purchases: Optimize your budget

Though at first you may think you’ll save money with an online purchase, your savings will soon be offset by a lack of after-market control. At Swingset & Toy Warehouse, there are no pressure sales at all! We have one goal and one goal only: to make sure you buy the set that fits your family’s specific needs. Whether you need a day, a week, or an entire month to make your decision, the choice is up to you.

We take your yard space, budget, and play set preferences into consideration when recommending a play set. With the large variety we carry, you’re sure to find the perfect fit! We do everything we can to ensure that your family walks away happy – we even adjust and customize play sets according to your needs! None of this is possible online. No matter where you shop, you won’t find the customer service and attention that you get with us on any website. At Swingset & Toy Warehouse, you can rest assured that you won’t break the bank, or ever feel pressured to do so.

After The Fact: The benefits of using a local business

The best part about buying with Swingset & Toy Warehouse as opposed to online is really the after-the-fact benefits. Just because we’ve completed installation doesn’t mean it’s the end of your connection with us.

At Swingset & Toy Warehouse, we’re here for you for as long as your play set is! If there is ever a problem with your unit, skip the hassle of contacting the manufacturer and give us a direct call. If you move – that’s right! – get in touch and we will help to move your family’s play set to your new location. We also offer maintenance programs, meaning we do the yearly maintenance when you don’t have time to!

Wherever life takes you and your play set, Swingset & Toy Warehouse is here to help. Don’t forget to ask about our easy warranty process and low repair costs.

The Bottom Line

Online ordering, as convenient as it is at the time, can soon turn out to be the most inconvenient purchase you‘ve ever made. Once your play set arrives, you’ll need to find a trusted installation crew to put it together for you. Or maybe you‘re taking an entire weekend or two to assemble it yourself? Suddenly this doesn’t seem too convenient or cost efficient. When installation day comes and you open the box to find things may be damaged or missing, you now have to endure the inconvenient process of calling the manufacturer and tracking someone down to get the play set back up for the kids (who are already anxious!). This will likely delay the installation process by a week or more – if you‘re lucky!

At Swingset & Toy Warehouse, we do it all. From the showroom to your backyard, we’re here to make sure your kids have a set to play on today, tomorrow, and for their whole childhood.

Ready? We are.

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