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SMALL Level Dry Block – Use under 4×4 and 4x6s
See our LARGE Level Dry Block for 2x4s.

Level Dry – A Perfect Partner for Your Swing Set

Our patented Level Dry system not only helps level your swing set, it helps protect your investment.

Here’s how:

Lawn Maintenance Damage – Level Dry can protect the base of your swing set from lawn mowers and weed whackers. It is made from a high-density plastic that lifts your swing set out of harm’s way.

Ground moisture, dampness and insect damage – Damp and wet ground can damage wood.  Level Dry keeps the base of your swing set away from direct contact with the grass and soil.

Unlevel ground – Level Dry is the perfect solution to help level a playset.  You can adjust the height with these easy-to-install modular interlocking blocks and stabilize your swing set. And it fits all makes and models of swing sets on the market today, giving you the certainty that your children and their friends will have a safe play experience.

Accessorize Your Swingset:

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