Custom Swingsets in Flemington

February 25, 2020 2:20 pm

Why Choose Swingset Warehouse in Flemington NJ?

Spring is almost here, which makes this the perfect time for your backyard planning needs.  For some people that means planning landscaping and gardening preparation.  For others, it means getting ready to create the playground of your dreams in your backyard.  Swingset and Toy Warehouse has just about every large toy you could want for your ideal playground, whether you are looking to spruce up your residential property or looking for play equipment for a commercial setting.

Swing sets have come a long way from the little metal a-frame sets that once graced many family backyards.  Today’s swing sets come in a variety of different materials, from vinyl to cedar for residential purposes, and in sturdier metals for commercial uses.  They can be grand structures with play forts, swings, slides, climbing walls, and fireman’s poles, just to name a few.  There are also amazing space-saving options available, which offer all of the fun of a larger playset, but in a size better suited for smaller yards. Swingsets can come in established sets or be custom-designed for your yard and purposes, making them a great attraction that will offer years of fun play for your children.

Trampolines are another popular backyard toy and there are so many options for today’s active kids.  Springfree trampolines are constructed in a way that keeps kids away from the moving parts, making them the safer trampoline jumping option.  Alley Oop and Jump Sport offer traditional trampolines, as well as the netting and padding to protect jumpers.  Many families are fans of the Power Bounce design, which allows you to customize the amount of bounce in the trampoline, making it bouncier as kids get older and more stable on the trampoline.

Basketball is another popular backyard activity.  A basketball hoop is a must-have if you have a player in the family, but is also a surprisingly popular activity for kids who have no desire to play on a team, but still love shooting some hoops with friends or family members.  The option to buy an adjustable hoop means that you can have an in-ground post and still get a hoop that grows with your kids.

Want to transform your yard into a playland, but not sure where to start?  Come on down to our Upper Saddle River or Freehold locations and look around the warehouse.  You can compare different products and speak with our sales staff to pick the perfect play equipment for your space and your family.


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