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The largest vinyl swing set we offer, this playset has more activities than your kids will know what to do with: three towers, a tunnel and a bridge, two rock walls, a cargo net, three slides and two different swing beams, a club house and a picnic table. 


Overall Dimensions: 44’w x 42’d x 16’h
Weight: 5,641 lbs.
Tower 1: (2) 5′ x 5′ Decks
Deck Height: 5′, 7′
Access: Flat Step Ladder with Hand Roll
Roof: (2) 5′ x 10′ Canvas with Flags
Tower 2: 5′ x 9′ Double
Deck Height: 5′, 7′
Access: Flat Step Ladder with Access Railing
Roof: Gable Roof
Climber: 7′ Rock Wall with Rope, Cargo Net
Tower 3: 5′ x 9′ Double with Jungle Bar Tower
Deck Height: 5′, 7′, 9′
Access: 12′ Ramp
Roof: (2) Gable Roofs
Connectors: 5′ Tower Tunnel, 12′ Bridge with Rope
Slides: 14′ Avalanche Slide, 10′ Avalanche Slide, Turbo Twister Slide
Swing Beam: 4 Position Climber, 3 Position Single High Beam
Swings: Plastic Glider, Trapeze, (3) Belt Swings, Baby Swing,
Horse Rider, Hammock Swing, 3 Rope Tire Swing
Anchors: 4
Fun Items: Bubble Panel, Tic-Tac-Toe, Ship’s Wheel, (2) Binoculars,
Steering Wheel, Telescope, Periscope, 5’x5′ Club House, Picnic Table
20-Year Limited Warranty

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