Frequently Asked Questions

1) Which is better – wooden or vinyl swingsets?

Both of are wooden and vinyl play sets are equally strong and built to last. We recommend purchasing the material that best suits your situation and personal preference. One is not better than the other in quality, but you must keep in mind that a wooden set will need to be maintained on a yearly or as needed basis. The vinyl playsets offer the luxury of not having to do any extensive maintenance on the wood, since it is all wrapped in vinyl.

2) Which wooden play set manufacturer, that you carry, is the best?

All our cedar playgrounds are built strong and made to last. We like to offer different manufacturers to give our customers a variety to choose from. Whether it is just the color of the stain or the design of the playhouse, each manufacturer offers their own unique touches and options for our customers to choose the one that best suits their needs and preferences. When it comes to quality, we only offer the best!

3) What maintenance is required for the wooden play sets?

Wood play sets require a yearly stain protection to be applied to all the wooden surfaces in order to help prevent splintering and splitting. Hardware tightening and sanding should be done as needed. The wood will show the most change in the first few months after the installation as it adjusts to the outdoor elements. Your first maintenance should be done within one year after installation but not sooner than 6 months after installation.

4) What maintenance is required on vinyl play sets?

Even though the wood on our vinyl play sets is protected by the vinyl that it is wrapped in, it is still a good practice to always make sure that all components on the play set are not damaged and are working properly before children play on them. Additionally, you should tighten hardware as needed and you can keep it clean with using a garden hose and mild dish soap.

5) How level does my yard need to be?

A normal installation is when a customer’s yard does not have a slope more than 3”. If the slope is over 3” but less than a foot we can still do the installation but you will be charge by the contractor for the extra digging. If your slope is greater than 12” or if you do not want the play set dug in, then you would need to have the area leveled out before we do the play set installation. We do not level the play area, we only level the play set.

6) Can I customize my play set?

Most all our vinyl and wooden play sets do offer customization. A sales associate can help you figure out what layout and manufacturer would work best for you, based on your preferences and budget and yard space.

7) How much safe space do I need around my play set?

Ideally if you have the space for a 6’ perimeter around the play set, this is recommended. However, if you are tight for space, you can do around 3’ to 4’ depending on the features that are on the play set. We do recommend though for the swings you are always 6’ from a fence, wall, tree, etc.

8) Can the play set be installed right on the grass?

Yes! Even though we do offer rubber mulch for ground surfacing to help finish off the play set area, it is not required. We can install any of our play sets right on the grass for you. We do recommend considering the rubber mulch when you purchase play sets with 6’ or 7’ high forts due to the taller fall heights.

9) Can I do the rubber mulch pit later?

Yes! We install the mulch pit AFTER installation of your play set so if you want to hold off on the rubber mulch and do it later that is not a problem. Rubber mulch not only makes the area safer, but makes landscaping easier and completes the look of the play area in the yard. So, if you decide later that you want this installed just call us and we can get that set up for you.

10) Why are your play sets more expensive then online or big box store units?

Each manufacturer will have different reasons why the cost is so much less than ours but, in the end, you will find that you will save time and money with our play sets and services. Some things that affect lower cost are the warranty on the play set, the thickness of the wood, the quality of the slides and swings and cost to have it delivered and installed at your house. Our play sets are top quality and built to last, unlike the big box store units that lack the same quality. When you purchase from us you have the peace of mind that if the set is damaged in the box, we take care of everything for you! You do not have to deal with the manufacturer and try to get the new parts in and get the installer back to finish it. We also offer move set services, repositioning services, maintenance programs and warranty claim filing on your behalf, as well as installation of warranty parts should you need them in the future. In short, buying from us you will get, long-lasting, top-+quality material, less headaches and complete service all around for the life of your play set.