Hydro Covers




Hydro Covers™ solves and resolves all those problems! It’s available in multiple sizes to cover all shapes. The homeowner simply covers the object with the Hydro Covers™ and adds water in the convenient four-corner valves. The patented baffle system evenly distributes the water. No other materials are required for anchoring and the Hydro Covers™ stays firmly in place. Not only that, but Hydro Covers™ is made of nylon-reinforced PVC heavy gauge construction. It is waterproof (not just water resistant), and is anti-mildew and anti-cold cracking. Flexible enough that a child can readjust it but sturdy enough to withstand high wind, rain, snow, and hail without additional anchoring of any kind. Simply drain the water out of the corners for easy storage when not in outdoor use. Or use it to conveniently cover indoor garage, shed, or barn items as well!

6×6 Cover Sale Price $39.99 Less 70% off $15.96
9×5 Cover Sale Price $44.99 Less 70% off $13,47
9×6 Cover Sale Price 49.99 Less 70% off $14.97
9×9 Cover Sale Price $59.99 Less 70% off $17.97